The Moon

Oh, how you glimmer in Artemis’ eye,

A luminous silver against the black abyss.

To you the wolf howls its lonesome call,

To you the owl shares its wisdom,

To you the hunter looks for direction, illumination and

To you lovers embrace against twilight’s chill.

Oh, how modest you are in Apollo’s shadow

Albeit majestic as you drift among stars.

They are naught but a speck in your reflection

That dances at water’s edge or that alights on the tip

of a huntress’ arrow.

Among men you are feared

By those who seek the refuge of the sun’s dominating chariot

By those who cringe from shadows disguising a hunter’s facade

By those who see not the gentle, gray face

That sings an embracing lullaby to Greece’s young.

Oh, how barren your surface unaccustomed to iridescence,

Destined to wander the forsaken night

But how you glimmer so,

A vivacity unfit for flickering stars,

More soothing than the sun that lightens

The Corinthian halls?

Oh, if only you could reveal your Delphian nature

Trapped in a cosmic shell, lightning bound.

How is your midnight passion abandoned

Whilst your brother’s midday happiness is expounded?

How do you warm the night when naught

the brightest lamp may stay the cold dark?

How is it, I wonder,

To be entwined by love’s irreconcilable austerity and ardor?


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