Political Pigs

You take our money, you take our pride,

then you drive it down a hole,

you wash it away,

and sit like fat cats

on a plush pillow

of unrelated platforms and

unrelated business.

You take our dreams, you take our sustenance,

then you bombard with

slithering lies

and backhanded promises,

like a child in a candy store

you say this and that and I need this

without any thought or maturity,

Snakes of white, eyes of blue,

and a red tongue

that tastes undigested pleas

and protests

and undeserved luxuries.

Political pigs, feed at your

disgraced trough and bury

yourselves in muddied superficiality,

beyond your pen there is hope yet,

for those who avoid your stench

and wretched filth.


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