ReaLity’S FlAw ~ I

The waves drove into the devastated cliffs whose bony, sharp fingers grabbed at the sky.  The sun peaked out between dusty clouds.  It was not sunny where Serena and Kenji were looking.  The cave yawned open, the maw of a wicked monster waiting for its unsuspecting prey.  If it was not for her curiosity, she would never dare that dark, drenched expanse before them.

A tentative step echoed off the walls, a splash turning into a ring through the cave.  The lantern’s flame flickered from the wind whipping off the sea.  She shuddered.  Something in the back of Serena’s mind told her that having a lantern was a bit odd considering flashlights were abundant; but she brushed it away.  The rocks about them were jagged and dug into the soles of her boots.  If she took one slip, those edges could dig into her skin, trapping her and no one would know.

No one.  The thought burned through her mind like wildfire, singeing every happy feeling that had been present.  That would be her end, lying on these cold, knife rocks.  Listening to the sea’s edgy push into the cliffs.  Cries of seagulls.

Abruptly, her foot flew out from under her.  Kenji cried out and leaped to grab her hand.  She went tumbling down the slick tunnel wetted by sea water that rushed past her ears and drowned out her surprise.  She could no longer see, the lantern having sprung from her hands into the cave beyond and now she was racing down through the esophagus of some notorious nightmare.  A quick bump.  Blackness.

*Part II coming soon*


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