Blood of the Fallen 12

“Gil?!”  Elliera shouted in aghast.

“Hey, hey, keep it down will ‘ya.  Never know what sort of company you’re going to attract.”

Gil glanced down at the lucien who hadn’t given ground but it was no longer openly hostile.

“Never thought I’d see one of those in my lifetime, ya know.  Where’d ya find him?”

Elliera was still staring at him.  She looked from Senior Tevkin to Gil to Tevkin and back to Gil.  Tevkin seemed unaffected by this unexpected turn of events.

“What’s the matter, cat got your tongue, Mouse?”

“Well, I mean-yeah,” she finally spluttered, “what in the star’s name are you doing here?”

Gil was about to answer when she retorted, “And don’t call me Mouse.”  She folded her arms and glared at him expectantly.  As childhood friends, she earned the nickname Mouse by being able to wiggle into the crawlspaces to steel cookies from the kitchen.  However, Gil took a step further and always joked that she looked mousy because of her brown hair and small build.

“Uh-huh, now I asked a question first. You gotta answer…Mouse.”

After a short pause, “Fine.  I found him when I was looking for my guardian and it followed me.  Which, thanks by the way for showing your face at my reception.”  She left out the part about the man she had found.  Senior Tevkin gave her a knowing glance but remained silent.

“Council wanted us on an errand, I was busy,” his brown eyes glanced down in chagrin, “That’s why I’m out here.  They sensed a power surge, coincidentally around the time you came back, and now it’s not there.  Odd thing that, but it’s got their panties all in a bunch so they’ve got most of us scouring from there to Daverne.”

Elliera gulped.  A power surge?  It can’t have anything, well anything to do with that, she thought as her eyes drifted to the chest.

“Hmm,” Tevkin finally muttered, “Might be a discussion best left for tea and a hot meal.  I don’t know about you two, but I myself am feeling a bit peckish.  If we hasten, we’ll make downtown before the sun goes down and find us some nice beds.”

Senior Tevkin didn’t pause for their response and merely walked on patting the lucien on its head as he passed.  Both Elliera and Gil blinked and watched their Senior continue at a casual pace with the lucien loping behind.

“Always wondered if he’s cracked.  Whole community in an uproar and you’d think he was on vacation.” Gil shook his, glanced at Elliera and followed after Tevkin casually scooping up the handle of her chest as he went.


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