Blood of the Fallen 13

One snowflake dropped on her nose.  It tingled.  She looked up at the gloomy sky.  The city only yesterday was a bustle with business, but today it was sluggish.  The first snow fall in years.

Elliera was sitting on the deck of the inn, thinking.  She felt so small, so insignificant; as if all her ambitions meant nothing.  She was only a pawn, a dumb pawn made to be moved.

The enormity that Senior Tevkin had laid upon them last night was astounding.  His face had left chills in her bones.  There was only one word to express how she felt afterwards: fear.  She looked down at her mug of tea seeing the three of them at the table in their room…

“Now,” Tevkin began in a conspiratorial whispered, his face becoming like stone, “You two must listen and heed what I am about to tell you.  Do not question; well, on second thought do question as it is important for your minds in order to grow to question and critique only then…

Tevkin looked up at us realizing he was rambling, “But that’s not the point.  I have a tale to tell you that most wouldn’t hear in a thousand years.  It begins with good and evil, dark and light as it always has, each arising from the one.  Light and Dark rose from the same spec, the same bud of life, as it were. Light claiming everything that shone with vivid beauty, sunshine and growth.  Dark, however, claiming the bitter sweetness that is the moon’s domain, everything that will lilt and weep its demented beauty.  So the two grew in strength, feeding from one another; Light gave into Dark and Dark into Light.  Thus, days and nights came into being.”

Tevkin took a swig of his tea and continued.  Elliera and Gil sat on their seats, their half-eaten food going cold.

“But one day, Light saw that his domain was suddenly darkened. 

“Dark,” he berated, “How dare thee step foot into my domain!  What boldness is this?” 

To which Dark merely replied, “It is not I you should have quarrel with.  Hark, there, the moon grows over your sun.  It will pass.” 

Light looked up only to find that indeed the moon was already beginning to reveal his glorious sun once again.  Light glowered at Dark feeling abashed at his own stupidity.

Still feeling that Dark had betrayed him with some devious trickery, Light subtly began stealing away Dark’s domain by lengthening the day.  It was a meek change.  Nonetheless, when Dark arose one night expecting his domain to be its lustful silver, he found that it was instead painted in dusk.

Dark, instead of confronting Light, said “It will pass.”  And so the day grew longer than the night.  Still, Dark said, “It will pass.”

In his patience, Dark discovered a secret, one which allowed Dark and Light to co-exist in the same space and time.  He discovered how to fashion a being which can travel between day and night, exist of both Dark and Light.

So, Dark created this creature and said to it, “I decree your name to be Angelus Lapsus as you fall between day and night.  Your one and only task shall be to protect the balance.  Other than that, you are free to do as you wish.”

“Why wouldn’t he send it after Light?” Gil interrupted.

Tevkin glared at him, a glare that withered the youth from his face.  Gil shifted his eyes away.

“As day came to a beginning, Light noticed a creature that should have been gone with the night.  It wandered through his domain the entire day with ease.

“Curious.  Such a creature is indeed wonderful.”  Light approached the creature, “to what is your purpose, creature?”


“You are in the domain of Light, I demand an answer.”


“Speak to me or I will have your head!”


Infuriated, Light muddled over what he could do to force the creature to answer.  It was not until the following day that he had a brilliant idea.  He waited in ambush for the creature.  As it passed, he lunged with the strength of three tigers, sliced open a vein and drank its blood.  Wounded, the creature made its agonizing way back to night as quickly as it could.

Dark looked upon it with a bitter sadness, but said, “It will pass.”

The pain did.  The trouble did not.  After drinking its blood, Light was infused with a magnificent power that tipped the scales between Light and Dark.  Light had finally won.”

Tevkin stopped and folded his hands.  When it did not look like he was going to continue, Gil finally burst.

“Senior Tevkin, I don’t get it.  What does this have to do with us and what happened?”

“Think about your children’s tales, of creatures that drink blood, but only at night.”  With that, Tevkin headed off to bed.

Elliera hefted a sigh in her cup.  She was watching the horizon of buildings and thinking back to the man she had found when it hit her.  The story of Light and Dark told the story of the first vampire!  But that couldn’t be, she puzzled, the church was supposed to have formed from Light.  It had its problems, but surely it was not responsible for such a gruesome creature.  As the sun slowly rose behind the city’s buildings, she wondered if she would ever know truth again.


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