Sacrificing the Smell of Roses


Writing is so much like job searching.  -I can hear the groans- You’re thinking, “Please, no reminders on how utterly desolate the job landscape is with its barren cracks between you and your goals.”  Truthfully, I have been there, I have dashed my tears against that dry landscape, enough to create a river…to no avail.  It remains dry, unsaturated.

However, there is a rain cloud off in the horizon, if you look closely, if you take the time to just look.  Just look and watch.  Listen to the wind.  At first, it seems to engulf your hopes in its chilly hands.  Shakes the hopeful breath from you.  The sky gray and negligent.  But look closer. And SLOW down.  If you look closely, you’ll see green sprouts in those ominous cracks.  Listen and you will hear the chirping of perseverance.  Like job searching, writing can be similarly filled with desolation and despair.

That blank piece of paper sitting in front of you, that’s been sitting in front of you for the past…three hours?  That’s the landscape you feel you cannot escape.  Feel trapped.  Condemned if you cannot force Muse to splash it with glorious color and mastery.  So your fingers viciously slap the keyboard.  Then slam delete when it’s not good enough.

Slow down and stop thinking it’s not good enough.  Look and listen.  Take a few minutes to day dream, to walk on purple clouds and imagine the impossible.  Imagine at least 7 impossible things before breakfast, it’s the best way to replenish your appetite.  Both in job searching and writing, it is not important how fast you get there; it matters if you are happy where you are and happy with what you have.  Time’s prison often bars us from escaping to smell the roses, to watch cloud ships float by, to marvel at the diamond-speckled sky.  Don’t let life dry up around you because of expectations of immediately landing that phenomenal career or producing Hollywood’s next book-screen obsession.  Listen to you and what yourself is trying to tell you.  Time is irrelevant.  Your dreams are not.


2 thoughts on “Sacrificing the Smell of Roses

  1. “Imagine at least 7 impossible things before breakfast, it’s the best way to replenish your appetite.”

    By far that’s the best advice i’ve heard in a long time!

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