You Can’t Take the {insert Geek/Nerd/Dork} From Me

(Warning: rantings below from a longstanding geeky/nerdy girl needing to voice thoughts of annoyance and conundrums.)*

I think it’s completely awesome that geek culture has become a little more acceptable, even if it’s just the next “trend”*.  Furthermore, with the “trend” it has become more obvious that there is a geek elitist hierarchy emerging in this subculture which I find somewhat ridiculous yet no less inevitable with the structure of subcultures.  With that said, there are many things that irk me about the trend and elitists alike (if you grew up as a nerd/geek/dork too you probably feel very similar). Let’s start with the “trend” and let’s just use the phrase “Get off my turf! You’re ruining it.”  Ya know, like the hipster culture that wears the damn backwards ghetto hats with the batman insignia and whatnot.  Really?  You think that makes you a geek?  Try playing Shining Force for a whole day because you wanted to or it was the only thing you had to do because of some reason (whether it being the outcast or other such nonsense).  Oh wait, I’m sorry Sega came BEFORE your “trend” you don’t even know what I’m talking about.  Minus 1 point.  There’s also the fact that we didn’t grow up wearing shirts and hats with insignias…we actually wanted to wear the real thing, ya know the actual costume or the make-up.  We didn’t care if it showed how “hot” we were (men or women), we just thought the character was wicked awesome.  You care about looking “good”*.  Minus 2 points.  The “I Like Games” phrase gets thrown around too easily and too often.  You like games huh?  So…  Do you actually play them?  Is it your first choice? Because that’s what us geeky people do, we thrive on games, whether solitary or together, we will most likely choose that first over your beer gatherings (which some geeks like just as much, we’re usually not as extroverted, but that’s a whole other topic of blending subcultures and personality types).  Minus 3 points.  You watch the famous nerdy shows: Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who so that makes you nerdy? HA!  Okay, so I’m guilty of coming in late on Doctor Who (and Firefly, oh how I LOVE Firefly).  But I still grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars.  The former you’ve never heard of until young Kirk made his debut.  The latter you only care about because of Princess Leia and all the redundant and obsessive Facebook memes.  They still have one up on ya hipsters.  Minus 4 points.  You read Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones? Congratulations, you are at the very totem pole of the beginning of fantasy and sci-fi novels.  If you were really interested in reading, you would continue to explore it.  Fantasy and sci-fi has so much wonderful creative potential and by reading the few books above you’ve only barely graced its magnificent shores (FYI: please don’t watch the LOTR movies then complain about how long they are when you haven’t read the books and then try to read them and then complain about the length of the books…it’s called literary technique and writing intelligence, something that seems to be lacking often in some, i.e. not all, of our authors today).  Minus 5 points.   Whew, so I’m getting a little tired but I’m sure I made my point loud and clear.  Our geek culture was far more awesome before its explosion; it actually had a meaning and a purpose.  It was not an extreme commercialization where people can meaningless wear the merchandise and pretend they know what they’re talking about.  I am not even on the extreme side with the elitists (and by the way, every gamer I’ve ever played a video game with has been impressed by my awesome skills…chew on that for a bit, means I probably have some mad gaming experience in my background versus a few measly years, thus I was not a part of the “trend”).

On to the second half of what I was contemplating: elitists.  All is fair in rants and complaints so we must evaluate that side as well.  You probably agree with most of what I was writing on top and probably would take it several steps further and give me crap for not being “geek enough”.  Bring it, I’m more than happy to take it and at some points of topic I would agree; you would also point out my lack of anime/comic book mentions which is because I did not grow up with that and had no interest.  Nonetheless, I still find it fascinating and respect the original, not the Hollywood movie versions.  However, please watch this video before you take it too far:  I think that video about sums it up and puts some over the top elitists at the same point of the “trenders”.  Us geeks that like being geeks, not for the sake of being geeks, but because we simply are, don’t like your elitist philosophies or your “trending” bogusness.

*”trend”, “good”–quotations marks used in sarcastic way.

*Disclaimer:  I find the geek subculture fascinating (I usually defer to geek instead nerd or dork) and it is somewhat amazing to see it explode and essentially come-out.  I write this not to offend anyone but to express an idea that many share that grew up with that culture and were continuously alienated for their ideas and interests.  To suddenly decide that geek culture is a “trend” is both inspiring and insulting at the same time with the way that it has come about.  I only hope that those that have a true, solid interest in it for one reason or another will continue to respect it for what it is and what it has provided for us outcasts. My apologies for the convoluted wibbly wobbly thoughts that probably are difficult to follow.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Take the {insert Geek/Nerd/Dork} From Me

  1. Now I’m thinking about a recruiting project, where you find someone who’s read Harry Potter or whatever, and act all casual while getting them to read another book, and another… and soon they’re one of us and we take over the world. Or whatever our goal would be.

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