Now kids, let me tell you

of a story simple, pure and true

of a man who never listened

to what people told him to do.

Thousands of years back we go,

humanity was at its all time low,

upon the scene came he with

wicked ideas and eyes of a doe.

Behemoth struggles he overtook,

all because of one silly book,

His saber formed of knowledge

and a tower of questions his rook.

Against a tidal wave of demand

is where he took his ultimate stand

this was the promise he made

not to falter, only to withstand.

Forever he will be remembered,

as that which finally conquered

immortalized ignorance of the masses,

for evidence will always be defended.

*Note: The Simpsons’ video was to add some humor as it was originally a Simpsons’ episode (“Homer the Heretic” when Homer is trying to tell his kids about “a man with wicked-ideas…that didn’t always do what he was told…”) that inspired this poem.


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