Rip the irises forth

bleeding blue and green

spilling, swirling, congealing.

Drowning, barricading with

excuses, fears, confusion

a blind one-way lens

froth with entropy, humanity erupting

caustic to a safe prison,

burning, eroding, melting

enveloped in balanced armor

a half’s overture of tranquility

adoration, warmth, contentment

a needle of transcendence

to stitch veins of reality.


4 thoughts on “Transcendence

  1. I really love the phrase “blind one-way lens.” I don’t know if its the imagery or the way it seems to roll off the tongue. As someone with a literary blog, I must send my Kudos to you, fellow writer.

    • Thank you^_^ I really appreciate it. I see the word “Paris” in your title, so I certainly shall stop by and check out your blog, France, c’est magnifique. Peace~

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