Age is naught but a mortal frame

Yet, your spirit it cannot tame

Whence your heart does roar

With a power unmatched by heavenly flame.

Nye upon the ground your spirit does race

Perchance we find it among those who keep pace

With the adventures of your marvelous lore

Wherein we gather by a love threaded from iron lace.

Thine eyes of wisdom sparkle and wink

Wherefore do they sink?

By mine love I shall make your spirit soar,

Whence thine heart is mine by a divine link.

A smile – yay! – yours the glory of the world

Far away, its warmth for which I have purled

But even now I feel thine embrace more and more

By which I smile because mine lips have curled!

I finish this plea here

Though a stain upon my cheek – a tear!

Makes me hasten for the door

So I may be with you, my dear!

Birth is better to celebrate than death, so here is to you, G. We’ll miss you~


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