• (Rebirth name: Akai)
  • Race: Hesspa
  • Age: unknown
  • Profession: unknown; often referred to as the Wanderer
  • Physical: Hessphasei has short horns.   His scales are a deep, rich red – a unique color for his race.  Four feet high.

A few rocks tumbled to the forest floor about twenty feet down.  It was not a difficult or high climb by any means, at least during the day.  At night, all Hessphasei could do was feel for footholds and hand holds, no matter how keen his vision.  The going was slow.  The distant swampland came alive behind him with the descent of darkness. Frogs and crickets croaked their symphony punctured by the strange whine of the common snipe found in the Anobi swampland. A glance behind would have revealed the glowing light bugs bringing a serene beauty to an otherwise musty existence.

Hessphasei knew it was misleading.  Tonight he had almost been caught.  Tonight could have been the end of his life.

On a mission for the emerging Rebirth organization, Hessphasei had returned to his

homeland to investigate rumors of an arrangement between GOUS and his kinsmen.  He let the word go in a sarcastic grunt.  Kinsmen would hardly be the word he would use; not ever again.  The rumors didn’t surprise him, he would have expected as much from mercenaries and thieves.  He had escaped long ago with his family, providing their services to those merchants who needed protection and sheltering from the predators of the road.  His journey had eventually led him to Pythis where he found companions.

As GOUS slowly extended its hand to Pandoram, seeking a headquarters in the galaxy, Hessphasei and his companions realised what would happen.  An agent of theirs had worked his way into the main ground forces of GOUS.  He quickly found out that the Hesspa were the instigators of this whole mess.  Unfortunately, he was shortly found out himself and GOUS made quick work of the spy.

The unfortunate event had not deterred Hessphasei and the Rebirth organization, though.

Determined to get to the bottom of things, Hessphasei volunteered to venture back to his homeland.  And now, here he stood, a speck on a rocky outcropping looking over the vast swamplands.  The Anobi swampland encompassed a large island string far south of Pythis, which was an easily defensible city.  It would have been near to impossible for GOUS to take over Pythis, however; establishing a relationship with the Hesspa and camping out in Anobi did not bode well.  Indeed, what Hessphasei had learned tonight was not good news.

He sighed and continued back into the cave behind him, his eyes easily adjusting to the dark.  A gentle chirp emanated within and an elegant, small dragon stepped forth.  Its body was completely black, blacker than the night.  The only thing that shown was its golden eyes.  It gave a soft nuzzle on Hessphasei’s hand.  The Denor, or “dark dragons” as they were called, were a popular breed for the Hesspa used for transportation.  Dark dragons resided in the holes of the rocky clefts that rose up on the islands.  For the most part, they were nocturnal creatures.  Hessphasei was given Issisa as a gift from his mother and father when he was a thessa (teenage Hesspa). They had long since passed away peacefully; Issisa had not left his side since.  She had been the best Denor his parents had and he had cherished her companionship since that day.  Unlike most Hesspa, he had not grown up with sisters or brothers.  Issisa was the closest he had to family since his parents had passed.  He would have her by his side for many more years to come.

The dragon nudged him again.  She was getting impatient.  The wind was calling.  Hessphasei glanced back again at the brooding fortress of Anobi in the distance.  Rebirth would have to move quickly, he thought, otherwise Pythis would soon find even its most impenetrable defenses to be futile. Issisa leaped agilely into the air, her great wings making a great swoosh as they opened.  The wind was calling.


3 thoughts on “Hessphasei

      • You could consider it writing genius. The ability to set each character in his own world is astonishing, even if it is by accident. Not sure if it’d travel too well under a publishers nose (they’re the *experts* at the 5-line love/hate thing), but for the reader who’s into it, they can’t but appreciate the challenge.

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