Dirty Clean

Syllables fall, a jumble of

words on deaf ears,

Pitifully filling the drain

clogged with salted tears.

Intentions of the unintended,

the words, our worlds,

collide together untethered.


The porcelain white dish,

angelic in its glistening shell,

Cups the sweet fruit

lackadaisical in its bliss

like gentle waves of evening

lapping up peaceful solitude.


A white fluffy, sky gracefully

cascades unto the ground,

but within a maelstorm

thunders under the skin

at the sea of lost intentions,

letters of words left unsaid.


Thoughtless seconds, and the

broken sidewalk awaits to

swallow every inch of festering

madness of missed meanings.

The feathers have flown,

a colorful warning of obstinance

wings that will never be

broken or plucked to defeat.


Awkward and gangly, sadness

drips into iris pools of

distant emptiness lost to

all and none alike in the beyond.

Apologetics, like grains of

sand build a castle crumbling

under unjust insecurities.


The palette of emotions,

let it linger as a torn page

from disappearing woes.

A harmony profound has

danced with demons,

our dark becoming light.


5 thoughts on “Dirty Clean

  1. High there, Laryter.
    This was very interesting, and you’ve got some nice skills there. I left something on “the atheist papers” and thought that I would explain myself regarding you stance on alien visitations.

    Anyway, hope you didn’t mind me stopping by.

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Cereberus, not a problem at all. I really welcome all visitors, even those with constructive criticism as that’s how we learn^_^ Sorry for not getting back, I’m not on wordpress everyday. I’ll take a look at your reply. Peace~

      • Hi again, Laryter.

        I just wanted to say thank you for the reply at The Atheist Papers. It’s not often that I get to entertain the notion of possibilities concerning alien life that may one day offer us a visitation.

        Thank you again, Laryter. I enjoyed the conversation.

      • Thank you, as well, I appreciate being able to entertain a real discussion without the childish reasoning that so often comes with speaking about religion.

      • Agreed!
        Then perhaps you can offer a topic, whenever you wish to do so of course, on any given subject of your choosing for a discussion?

        I think that I’d enjoy that very much! šŸ™‚

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