Still struggling as a writer? Why?

I thought I’d reblog this as it is very relevant to my success, or lack there of, at the moment. My main challenge is self-doubt. That holds me back so much and I struggle, the epic journey of self-confidence a never ending story for me.

What challenges do you face as a writer or artist? How do you get past those challenges? Feel free to share and visit “The Importance of Being Edited,” there are some great tips here!



4 thoughts on “Still struggling as a writer? Why?

  1. Hi, Laryter.

    I know the struggle in life when one has no self-confidence because, as a child, I was thrown-out of my home for lack of belief In any and all gods. So, in essence, we share a commonality.

    Laryter, I’m going to say this no matter what you or others may think of me. Simply put, I no longer give a shit what others think of me, okay?

    Laryter, you have a beautiful mind.

    Please learn to forward yourself so that others such as I may prosper from reading those elegant pages that, for the moment seem trapped, and are just waiting to inhabit our culture with the social buildings of, kindness, love, humor, truth, for which it is distinguished from all others.

    Now, go and make it happen.

    • Hello Cerberus,

      Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your glowing compliments^_^ It’s great to hear from other people who have gone through similar trials and worked past it. There is excellent wisdom in your words.

      I’m finally making quite a bid of headway on my novel thanks to everyone’s encouragement and my dismissal of laziness. I plan, by the end of 2015, to have a final draft ready to publish. I’ve finally learned that the only thing holding me back is myself, so onward ho!

      • Hey there, Laryter.

        I thank you for your kindness too. It just warms my heart. It isn’t often that I get such praise. And now I’m feeling very humble as I dip my head before you. ^~^
        I thank you, Laryter.

        Though, I really had no idea that your unpublished works was a result from a combination of your having an anxiety to perform, and one of laziness?
        Huh. That was sneaky. 😉

        I’m sure you’ll do fine.
        You have a very bright mind, and I wish you the very best in life!

        And, Laryter?
        When you do get that novel published, as I’m sure you will, can you contact me so that I may buy a copy? As I’m sure it will be an excellent read.

        Thanks again for your kindness.
        I’ll return.


      • Humbleness is good, we need more of it in the world! I always appreciate when people or experiences can give me pause and allow for that.

        Truly, I’ve been really busy with work and school for the past five-ish years, but I have come to the conclusion that there should be no excuses; thus, I can only call it lazy for not writing as much as I should have in past years. Even bad writing is good writing in that you have written something!

        Thank you so much for the support, it is much needed:) I will certainly do so, it gives me that much more gumption to finish the beast.

        Thank you again for stopping by. Peace~

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