Rivania Praa


  • (Rebirth name: Rivet)
  • Race: Catsuya
  • Age: undetermined
  • Profession: numerous, among them-master thief, “secret” ambassador, mercenary
  • Physical: Rivania has similar coloring to a stripped cat, but with a mix of midnight black and dark chocolate brown with yellow-green eyes.  She has one nick in her right ear that she doesn’t remember where it’s from. Her features resemble closely that of a distant line of elves; her fur is very thin.

Thud, thud thud thud. Bang!

Her heart was racing. She remained poised between the ceiling beams, though, hiding.  The guards below were racing around, their boots kicking up dust from the inn floor and reverberating off the wood. The few visitors in the inn were huddled against the wall, but still carrying on conversation like normal.  Some of the guards gave them a sour look, but the visitors gave them no heed. There would be no rough handling, nonetheless, this was supposed to be a “friendly” investigation.

Rivet (Rivania was her name but she didn’t much care for its formality) had been hoping to get a good night’s sleep for once.  For eight painfully long days she had been on the road tracking down a contingent of GOUS Lurkers, a company of foot soldiers with a so-called “Ambassador” that operated much like a missionary group.  The Lurkers were well-trained militia men relying on martial art techniques instead of necessarily brute force.  However, they were making “visits” to the villages on the outskirts of Pythis in the guise of calm, meditative monks. They were not the worst group to exchange blows if it came to that. But they also wouldn’t have been her first choice.

Regardless, she took more comfort in the shadows than out in the open.  If she were discovered, then her mission would be forfeit.  The towns out on the outskirts of Pythis were not friendly to city dwellers.  They lived a tougher life.  It was this that prevented the innkeeper giving her away.  After all, a worthy Catsuya acquantaince could prove useful in the harsh life outside Pythis. They knew, too, that their time was limited before GOUS’s hand extended too far.  Any help given was welcomed, and if Rivet could disrupt their operation, it could give them the foothold the revolution needed.

Rivet was a Catsuya.  They were well-fitted to being thieves and anything requiring discreet transactions.  Thus, they were often found at the bottom totem pole of society.  GOUS took advantage of this status and persecuted Catsuya out of the city.  It wasn’t hard at all.  The mistrust of any Catsuya, no matter the reputation, ran rampant.  Rivet was not really concerned with historical mumbo jumbo and hadn’t given it much thought, anyway.  After all, it had happened over one hundred years ago.  The few that accepted her were the Phoenex and the members of Rebirth.  She had grown up differently than most Catsuya, she had grown up under Phoenex tutelage and experienced a warm and inspiring youth.  Most were destined to a life of dark deeds among the shadows and the judgment of society.

Still, she found she could not escape the things that came naturally to her.  So she learned the ways of the hunter and, once Rebirth came under way, she became one of their best assets.  Never had her blade plunged deep into someone’s heart without reason, without defense.  And even in those moments, the moments Rivet found herself facing her death or the other’s, were few.  She could count them on one paw.  She was not a fighter and she did not revere in murder.  She always sought the most discreet way, like the whisper of a shadow.  This, yet, was another difference between her and other Catsuya.  Theirs was a bitterness, she had learned, a bitterness towards the world for discrimination.  They refused to rise above and become a part of a society they saw as aristocratic.  When Pythis had reached out to offer an ambassador’s seat to the Catsuya, they had refused.  Their mistrust ran deep.  Rivet often wondered if it was for good reason.  She had only met a handful of her own kind and she sensed even a mistrust amongst themselves.

The door closed with finality bringing Rivet out of her revery.  The Lurkers and their Ambassador had left the inn.  Rivet smiled gaily to herself.

“So it does work,” she whispered to no one.

Around her paws and neck were tiny, flexible bands. Concentric rings were contained within these bands, unseen to the naked eye, that created a deceptive signal around the wearer’s entire body. The Ambassador’s lenses could read waves from one hundred yards, acting almost like a microscope. Not even shadows would have protected her from that penetrating gaze.  But, unbeknownst to him, she had disappeared right under his nose.  Her bands had done the trick, sending normal waves as if there was no image or heat residue of her at all.

“Guess it pays to do your research,” she turned her wrist over looking at the Phoenex invention with wonder, “Perhaps we do have hope yet.”

Rivet hopped down from the beams, landing lightly on her paws.  She looked at the door with a dangerous grin, a growl in her throat, “You want to play, then let’s play.”


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