Oblivion’s Judgement

Falling into oblivion

embrace my emptiness

mind of serene wonder.


Take a bountiful breath

drink my darkness

an ominous, vast, void.


Yonder is my horizon

crest of roiling gas,

immortal iris of life.


Tremble at my precipice,

a well of grim reality,

of chaotic benevolence.


Claws of vanity, a

plight of narcissism

impoverish my veracity.


13 thoughts on “Oblivion’s Judgement

  1. That was truly a beautiful read to behold.

    I feel very small, very humbled and inadequate when reading such beauty that exemplifies the properties of an intellectual giant.

    it is this mind that is wondrous and alluring that I find would be very beneficial to the world.

    • Why thank you, I really appreciate it, though I certainly would not hold myself above anyone else. Just a lot of practice and a lot of day dreaming! :p

  2. I’d like to share something with you that I live by, that, …when thinking about all the life on our world has caused me some despair on the outlook of our own species future.
    And I’ll use this in the story.

    “The universe is both life … And death.

    Seek truth with openness, and through the temperance of mind will grant a bounteous of life…

    …but if one seeks by lies and conquest, is the assurance of their death.”


    • Magnificent quote! Where did you happen across it?

      I, too, feel the constraints of humanity. In truth, that’s why I fight so vehemently against religion. The Earth, the universe-truth itself, has more awesome power than any of that which can be conceived by humans. It seems like such a simple matter to erase greed, hatred, violence, and yet, as mighty and complex as the human race believes itself, they cannot find the answers though it stares them right in the face. Perhaps that’s why I adore fantasy of all genres: heroes that vanquish the physical manifestation of the evils of our own reality.

      • The quote is my own. I wrote it just after the first story, but it is something that I very much live by, as I wish no harm towards any living thing. Unless it is for self preservation, or that of another, as I would willingly give my life for them.

        There is much wisdom in your words too, Laryter. So much beauty… I find our conversations very stimulating, and you’re much appreciated from here.
        But I hope that my saying this hasn’t warn out my welcome.

        Agreed on all points.
        There are a few wealthy individuals that want the world at their feet, and the way to accomplish this is to divide the masses, to then conquer them. It is a very old and effective tactic, but the way to make people unthinking and submissive to their will is where religion comes into the mix.
        It is an effective tool used to bully by torturous means, spy, or an excuse to kill an individual, or to commit mass murders. And it is still being used in this fashion today.
        This is why world governments are propping it up with the money of their own citizenry, and that’s because it’s starting to dwindle to dust, as more people are seeing it for what it really is. Tool, for control.
        Governments wouldn’t want to see that measure of control go away, would they?

        Those with excessive wealth are the destroyers of mankind.

        It would seem that when one becomes wealthy, and with the money they have to obtain the other people to do their bidding, it tends to go to their heads. Thus, they think they’re gods. They have no go between, no grey area, as their minds think only in terms of the black and white, because their self-righteous stance will always reveal itself, if only those within the congregation would listen to the warning.

        There is no difference from that of our past to the present.
        The Egyptian kings thought themselves as gods…Ronan emperors were gods…the emperors of the holy Ronan empire were gods…kings were gods…popes think they are gods…and so do many others today that pull the strings of society.

        So, if we ever wish to grow as a species, a species with the capacity for space exploration , then we must eliminate religion and the excessiveness that comes with it.

        Oh, crap. It would seem that I got a bit winded here. Sorry.

    • By the way, if you want to discuss writing ideas or whatnot, feel free to email me (lareverie25@gmail.com) as I know it can be hard going back and forth on a comments section lol :p

      • As your number one fan, I most certainly will!Yahoo! Um, whoops, I need to calm down now. Sorry.

        Ill contact you within a day or two. Got a lot to do.

  3. A very wonderful, Buddhist feeling. Of course not, great conversation is always welcomed and I’ve appreciated having such a wonderful discussion!

    I hope for the day that humanity overcomes such a reliance on power. I’ve spent many a day ranting on these shortcomings (so no worries about being winded, I’ve had my fair share of being so!). It’s always comforting to know there are real people out there who see the world for what it is rather than living in disillusion or denying truth. People are their own key from society’s lock if only they can realize it.

    Have an awesome day!

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