UPDATE: The In-Between 1st Draft Finished!

Whew! Finally, it’s been a long time coming. Victory is mine.

It’s an itsty bitsy victory, but I have finally hashed out the very first, rough, rough draft of the In-Between (working title), a story I have been futzing around with for the past several years. It is missing a hefty amount, in certain areas, of detail.  However, I knew for me it would work better to construct the full story arc and then add and/or take away any details in the second draft.  Some of the characters are lacking true introductory instances in the novel which will be remedied in the second draft. The nit-picky research items (as this is kind of a mash-up of fantasy and sci-fi) will be meddled with more in the third draft; I’d like the main plot of the story to be believable, but also fantastical. Plus, I am guilty as charged in wanting to have the first draft be perfection; but, as I have read from other authors, I had to keep in mind the first draft is just getting it all out on paper, whether it looks pretty or not. First drafts are for getting dirty, revisions are for getting prim and proper.

But thanks to the encouragement of fellow readers and writers, I have taken a small but rather important step in making this novel happen. Your support has been nothing short of exemplary and I hope to have something to show for it in the next two years at the latest!




3 thoughts on “UPDATE: The In-Between 1st Draft Finished!

  1. Wow, congratulations!! You’ve crossed a huge, huge hurtle in the storytelling process – now it’s just time to hone it and make it pretty. 🙂

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