Forever, Serenity


Even humble stars can temper thunder.

The lighted veins are bitter in the dark

layering clouds with frenzied
fire across a raven backdrop.

It ushers in a discord of conscience,

one in allegro, the other in adagio.

The starry metronome can’t keep pace.

Outwardly, there is only a static abyss

unnerving, definitive tranquility
like an untouched lake, or the
taut muscles of a hunting

panther. There is turmoil, underneath, a

sublime introspection, untouched.

A blanket of astral adoration, patiently it

wraps around the crescendoing thunder

a duality unalike but alike, synced
in reversed calm and chaos
you said “breath”, and only

you’re lustrous light could have subdued

my craggy fury, so I breathed.

Steadily, the white hot arrows melt into ebony

and the thunder rolls into a rhythm,

strumming, plucking a romantic bass
a musical caress of compromise.

I can muse of what the thunder whispers to
the stars, for the words have afore flown,

Will you forever be my serenity?


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