On #YesAllWomen, and the Discomfort of ‘Good Men’

This is old news in reference to Elliot Rogers, but the author constructed a brilliant answer and I had to share it. This issue is tremendously important to me and it is not just manifested in the physical world but in the literature world as well, a perfect example being Game of Thrones (among others, of course). No matter how small, sexist comments can build up and, as the author mentions, it is a lot about who is in possession of that body (which should always be that individual). Please take a quick read.

Crates and Ribbons


Following Elliot Rodger’s hate crime against women (yes, I know many news reports seem to have missed the misogynistic message he was sending, I know Wikipedia has decided to classify it as generic violence instead of violence against women, and I know The Good Men Project has decided it was really all about virginity, but make no mistake, it was a hate crime nonetheless), women all over the internet rose up with the hashtag #YesAllWomen, sharing stories of misogyny and sexual violence, pointing out how the little and not-so-little experiences that women are subjected to on a regular basis combine to create a society in which a killer like Rodger is made.

Somewhat predictably, there has been resistance from men reluctant to acknowledge the sexist culture that surrounds us; more specifically, they are uncomfortable with the idea that they, with their ‘harmless banter’ or only slightly sexist behaviour…

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