Cosplaying My Fictional Character: Introduction

Role-playing is the best way to understand your story characters, right? I began cosplaying about five years ago back in college. Then, my sewing skills were incredibly limited and…poor. It wasn’t until two years ago that I felt I had the whole sewing thing figured out, at least the basics.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn a new skill and understand how to overcome obstacles and challenges. The characters I cosplayed were either from a game or one of the few mangas/animes I liked.


This year, however, with the growth of our cosplay group we have decided on OC (original character) vampire hunters.  Well, I thought to myself, I just so happen to have such a character I created a while back.  I had put Blood of the Fallen on the back burner in sacrifice of focusing on the In-Between.  What started as a short story turned into a possible novel and I wasn’t about to do it a disservice by not giving it the love it deserves.
With that said, what a fantastic opportunity to make the main character grow! Elliera Harvahn, my main protagonist in Blood of the Fallen, will be interacting outside of her realm with other characters, so it will give me a fresh view. This series will document my journey of cosplaying my own fictional character, the challenges it may impose, how it helps me to develop the character, how it will influence the story and what I learn from the experience that could be applied to the rest of my writing. Please join me and feel free to share your own cosplaying and role-playing experiences!

Because I love books...and I can't draw.

Because I love books…and I can’t draw.

*Art from Phi Stars


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