#OptOutside: A Stance Against Black Friday


In an astounding display of forward thinking and demonstrated progressiveness, REI has started the #OptOutside campaign. At first, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A company not participating in Black Friday?? It sounded too good to be true. Certainly, at it’s core, as the article points out, REI is a business concerned with making profit. Even at that expense of the message, however, I still support them. After all, their business is encouraging folks to get outdoors and enjoy life. That is a business motto I can get behind.

Furthermore, it is highly unfair to the millions of retail workers that have to sacrifice their time so you can benefit from discounts. It is remarkable that REI not only is letting their workers stay home, but that they are paying their employees to stay home. You can call it revolutionary, I’ll call it the expected norm we all deserve as part of a decent living.

Read it and weep commercialization: one of the outdoor-recreation giants has had enough. These holidays are meant to spend time with family, not to buy until your wallets bleed. I wholly support REI in their campaign and I hope the message resonates. Spread the word: #OptOutside.