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Fantasy/Sci-Fi writer and blogger, LA Ryter, is currently working on her first Sci-fi, fantasy mash-up novel.  A current student of computer science and full-time Scrum Master, her time is limited.

LA Ryter is a contributor at Her Stroy Arc and FemHype where she writes on such topics as cosplay, events, lifestyle and book/game reviews from a feminist perspective. She has recently begun a new initiative with some wonderful ladies, Circe Sisters Cosplay. If you love cosplay, come check us out!

All posts and articles are original content and LA hopes to convey a diversity of views by offering a welcoming space for readers to share their thoughts and ideas.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to contact LA Ryter, please send an email to laryter25@gmail.com.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-
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9 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Lindsay! Tina here from Japanese Group. I love your blog and insights on writing. You have a talent. You should check out the Speculative Fiction writing group ESP MN Spec on Meet-up. Most people write fantasy/Sci-fi. I’ve been going to this group for over two years and its great.

  2. Thanks Tina! I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the invite^o^ Wish I was able to make it to more Japanese group meets too but just keep falling on the wrong days lol.

    • Thanks, Truthyoga! Sorry for the delayed response, been a very busy summer and my fingers are aching to get back to writing.

      Best to you~

  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog! I wanted to drop by and invite you to join in Project O which is a look into how opinions are formed around the world. If this interests you and if you have a social issue you might want to share with people, please consider joining! The post can be found at the top of my blog under Project O – The Original Project Idea and the template is the post next to it. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog! –OM

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