Gun Violence: An Unfortunate Normality

It seems odd that what brings me back to my blog is a political subject. Yet, I find myself wanting more to write about the wrongs in the world as well as those problem solvers that are supplying solutions to alleviate those wrongs. For myself, it is fitting that I come back from my hiatus to discuss issues of our time in the hope that, along my journey to be one of those problem solvers, I might help spur the discussions and invite criticism of those that commit the wrongs upon our world. I hope that you will join me, share your insights and perspectives in a responsible manner and help in the progress of making this world a better place. 


My fiance and I were out on a date the other night, a delightful sushi place. Naturally, our favorite sushi place would have lightened the mood. But, as we sat down, I noticed the TV hanging ominously behind the sushi chefs. Yet more students gunned down. At that moment, I felt both secure and insecure, trapped between the reality that our country is unique in its normalcy of gun violence and the blissful thinking: it could never happen to me. But, wasn’t that what all those students, faculty and staff were thinking in Oregon?

My stance: there’s no reason that any citizen or cop should have a gun. I live in Minnesota, land of the “hunters” and so you can imagine my sentiment is widely unpopular. My argument against them, something a friend came up with one day, was that, even for hunting, a solution can be arranged. A licensed, locked down facility would not only ensure safe use of the guns, but ensure that no hunters are being irresponsible in their actions towards each other or the animals they are licensed to hunt. While gun proponents point towards mental health as the real problem (and yes, we should certainly be doing more for folks with mental health) it is merely a symptom, not the cause of gun violence. It takes one mistake and you could very easily shoot a friend or a loved one. It takes one night when you forget to lock your rifle away in the cabinet and your child pulls it out, thinking it a toy. One time is all it takes.

I know not everyone may agree with my stance on guns, but we can all agree (I would hope) that we deserve better than the routine responses Congress gives us, that we deserve to have strict gun laws that are better reinforced.

I would highly encourage anyone who is tired of our monthly gun deaths to write our senators and urge them to be leaders in a solution to gun violence. If you need a place to start to understand America’s unique issue with gun violence (and yes, we are one of the only developed nations with monthly gun deaths), here are some statistics:…/944…/gun-violence-united-states-america

Below are the senators for Minnesota, but you can click here for a quick, recent link to other congress men/women.

Sen. Al Franken
Phone: 202-224-5641
Twitter: @alfranken

Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Phone: 202-224-3244
Twitter: “@amyklobuchar”


A New Endeavor

Circe Sisters Cosplay is an initiative my friends and I took to create a safe space in the cosplay community to discuss projects, ideas and issues.

As such, my writing has been put on hold as I focus on this initiative and continuing to contribute to Her Story Arc and FemHype. I plan to revisit my novel writing within the next five years once life has settled a bit.

In the meantime, if you are a cosplay fan, newbie, master, or just love seeing amazing costumes, come check us out!

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